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Our Grove has a Celtic focus and we celebrate eight high days per year; Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Bealtainne, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Fall Equinox, Samhuinn, and Winter Solstice. Our rituals are traditionally held on the Sunday before the high day, though sometimes the date is adjusted to allow for other events

(such as our ritual for Winter Solstice 2011, which was held on 18 Dec instead of 25 Dec).


All rituals are open to the public and are held at 3:30pm in Room 12 (the room at the very back) at the

Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento except for our fall equinox ritual,

which we traditionally celebrate at Sacramento Pagan Pride each year.

We follow all of our rituals with a potluck dinner; you can bet that many of our members

will be bringing tasty morsels to share (many of which are soy-, dairy- and/or gluten-free!).

While not mandatory, do feel free to bring a yummy dish of your own as well.


You are also invited to bring a personal offering for any Ancestor, Nature Spirit, or Deity of your choosing. All of our rituals include the opportunity to make offerings (with the exception of our Fall Equinox ritual at Sacramento Pagan Pride, due to time constraints in light of the usual size of the ritual party there).


2019 Ritual Schedule

Imbolc - Sunday, January 27
Spring Equinox - Sunday, March 17
Beltaine - Sunday, April 28
Summer Solstice - Sunday, June 16
Lughnasadh - Sunday, July 28
Fall Equinox - September TBD(at Sacramento Pagan Pride)
Samhain - Sunday, October 27
Yule - Sunday, December 15

Check our calendar (see link above) to see what other activities we have lined up;
we'd love it if you joined us!



Dedicant Program Meeting

On the second Friday of each month from 7-9pm, we have a meeting for those who are working on ADF's Dedicant Path; this is an opportunity for ADF members working on the Dedicant Program to share their work and support each other. The meeting is held at a different Grove member's home each month, and is a casual, pressure-free gathering. Check the mailing list to find out where this month's class will be held.





Eight Winds ADF Festival

Eight Winds is the annual ADF festival for the Northwest Region, which consists of all of the ADF Groves, Protogroves, and Study Groups in the Northwest region of ADF (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Northern California (all of California that's north of the southernmost borders of Fresno, Monterey and Mono counties; basically the zip codes above 93600)). .


Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF is pleased to have hosted Eight Winds multiple times in the past,
and we look forward to hosting again in the future.




PantheaCon describes itself as "a conference for Pagans, Heathens, Indigenous Non-Europeans, and many of diverse beliefs that occurs annually over President's Day weekend" in San Jose, CA. Over 2000 people attend each year, and offerings include over 200 presentations which include rituals, workshops, classes and concerts. ADF holds a ritual each year at PantheaCon, and we usually enjoy a fabulous turnout; Please check here for some recent ADF presence highlights ADF at PantheaCon


While PantheaCon is not specifically an ADF event, Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF has several members in attendance every year, and assists in hosting the ADF Hospitality Suite on the second floor; if you stop by the suite during the weekend, the odds are good that you'll run into at least one SMG member.

Come by and say hi!



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